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Watch this space for more great specials!
Thanks for the support, our last stock we received at a reduced cost from our supplier. This was passed on to you, and we totally sold out... but we are always trying to get more, so stay tuned.

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Welcome to Wild Coast Herbal.  We are so glad you have found us! 

Here, you will find no fancy graphics or long fancy strain names. 

We are here to provide you with premium quality Kratom at affordable prices, and offer you a great experience while doing so. 

Hope you enjoy your stay. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, and orders.



And here we are, still standing strong and moving forward, despite all the challenges that life presents us.
Kratom, will NOT stop the loadshedding, nor will it fix our poorly run country, but it will sure as heck help us with some much needed stability.  Remember... why struggle? Life can be so much more tolerable with the gift of Kratom.  So keep going forward, and never ever give up.

All the best
The Wild Coast Herbal Team: Jay, Chants, and Jayles.

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