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DOSAGES (how much to take)

This section only serves as a guide.  A person would generally take time to find their right dosage, then stick to that dosage.  Our "slow and careful" general guide is a follows (we use baking measuring spoons from the kitchen, they are the best!)

Day 1:

Starting dose - quarter teaspoon, with a quarter teaspoon every 3-4 hours.  Still, if no effect?  Read on...

Day 2:

Starting does - half teaspoon, with a half teaspoon top-up every 3-4 hours.  Still, if no effect?  Read on...

Day 3:

Starting does - level teaspoon, with a half teaspoon top-up every 3-4 hours.  Still, if no effect?  Read on...

Try half tablespoon, with a top-up of a half tablespoon every 3-4 hours.


The above is just a guide.  Do what works for you, but take it slowly if you are a new user.  

Use commonsense, caution, and patience when discovering your sweet spot.  It could take a few days, but will be worth it.

Don't get impatient for results by over doing it!  Rather get there slowly and responsibly.  You'll be glad you did.

Remember, there is a difference between a tablespoon, and a teaspoon!  The above guide uses teaspoons.

Read/research carefully, and make a note of how much you are trying, so that you can adjust to correct if its too much or too little. 

Use LEVEL spoons, don't just pile it on.  Meaning, after your scoop, level off the spoon with a flat object.

Those who are recovering from addiction, like opioids, will find they have more of a tolerance, and will possibly require an even higher dosage, but even so, start small and take it from there.  Less is often, more.



What did you say this was?

Kratom... part of the tree Mitragyna Speciosa - which is part of the coffee family.

Um, what did you say it was called?

Kratom - pronounced by some as KRAY-TOM, and others as KRA-TOM.  Either way is good.

Ok, "Kray-tom"  it is then.

But what is with the capital "K"?

Kratom, is an awesome find.  It has done a lot of amazing things amazing for a lot of different people.  So out of respect for this awesome plant/tree, we at Wild Coast Herbal decided to turn kratom, into Kratom.  Yes, we capitalised a noun and made it proper  ;-)

So what exactly is Kratom?

Kratom, is an amazing little (actually, not that little) tree that produces leaves with amazing properties.  The alkaloids in the leaves, are said to be great for dealing with a variety of issues/ailments.

Where does it come from?

It comes from South East Asia and is indigenous to Thailand.  It is produced all over the area, from Vietnam to Indonesia and all around the South East Asia area.

And you only know about it now?

For the most part, yes, it hasn't been that long for the West.  But in the East, it has in fact been around for hundreds, nay, thousands of years, and used for almost as long.


So you selling Kratom?  I don't see much on offer.....

That is right.  We focus on doing more, with less.  Instead of bombarding our customer with too many options, we narrow it down to only a few.  In our experience, the different strains (of white, for example) are all very similar.  So keeping only a few strains of the best, makes more sense.  It also leaves our customers less confused about having to make unnecessary decisions and regrets about choosing the wrong type!

What about your products?

For now, it is only Kratom - to focus on, and source only the highest quality premium Kratom that we can, from Indonesia and Thailand.  But we are always on the lookout for new great suppliers that can provide the level we demand.  The products we source, are amazing, and we love sharing them with our customers.

Seems a little pricey....

Blame it on the import shipping prices!  It is terribly expensive.  However, we have a mandate here to always try our best to keep prices down to a minimum.  We are also always trying to find new ways to reduce the prices, WITHOUT affecting the quality of our products, or the quality of our service.

You ship?

Yes, but only South Africa at this point.  We service the Eastern Cape and Wild Coast area.  But can ship to any part of South Africa.  For international, contact us to see what we can do.  Courier cost is R150.  Most are sent via Aramex, The Courier Guy and Intertown Transport, but we use other couriers depending on the requirement.

How much is shipping?

Standard pricing is R150, but it all depends on the order.  For local shipping, work on around R150.  But don't hold us to that, it may be MORE, but often it is LESS.  Contact us for more.

So how do I order?  Email?  Seems a little old fashioned!

That's the way, aha aha, we like it, aha aha.  Seriously though, we find online transactions risky and unnecessary.  Our personal touch is to deal directly with the customer.  So for now, its email orders only.  But watch this space... if we have enough requests, we WILL do what our customers want, and create an online buying platform.  But for the record, we have had ZERO customers saying we should change, even after asking them!

How do I pay?

Via EFT only at the moment.... sending proof of payment from that transaction will speed up the process.  If no PoP is received, then the second the money clears, we send off the goods.  The goods are packed in anticipation of the money clearing, to save time.

Your packaging?  Lots of plastic....

Not anymore.  We have made many changes based on feedback from our customers.  We are about as eco-friendly as we can get, while still being durable.  We use food grade brown "bags" with limited plastic (although some is necessary).  We also use *some* plastic bubble wrapping to protect the parcel.  Apart from that, we keep it to a minimum.  We are constantly looking for solutions that we can implement, without passing unnecessary costs to our customers.

Can I return a product?

Yes, if it was an incorrect order or an unopened product.  However, we cannot resell an opened "change of mind" product due to contamination.  So, you need to be sure about your order.  Feel free to consult us for any advice.  If you really not happy, chat to us, and we will make a plan.  Only when YOU are happy, are we happy.

Is your product safe?

YES!  All our suppliers products are lab tested for e-coli and salmonella at source.



The following, will give you an idea of the side effects and how you will feel if you take too much: Nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, irritability, constipation, shaky, nervousness, light headed.

Generally, Kratom is well tolerated.  Its most common side effect is nausea.  So if you experience any of the above, don't panic!  It will pass.... Find a place to chill, and sleep it off.  By tomorrow, you will be feeling fine again.

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