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About Wild Coast Herbal

Wild Coast Herbal.....

 .....are a passionate group of natural product users, with focus on Kratom.  We have witnessed many amazing transformations in different people through the use of Kratom over the years.  Although Wild Coast Herbal was formally born in 2021, we have been suppling a closed group of happy customers for the past few years.  Mostly Kratom, but also a bit of turmeric (which itself, is the freshest, most beautiful turmeric you will find).  We are currently speaking to our overseas suppliers for new herbal products - watch this space.  Our collective involvement and experience in Kratom, span many years.  We use the products we sell, so are able to give you real, tried and tested, feedback.  We have our favourites too, and hope to help you find yours.  And remember our phrase... "Why struggle?"

At Wild Coast Herbal, WE ARE ON A MISSION: 

Its firstly, with Kratom - to make premium quality  Kratom available to customers, at an affordable price, whilst doing so in the most ecologically considerate way.  Wrap this up in great customer service, and you will see that the world of Kratom is great, with great products, and great people.  We are achieving this mission by sourcing only the best quality Kratom, direct from the supplier.  We take our orders, process them promptly, and package them in packaging that is as eco friendly as we can get.  We hope to delight our customers with an overall great experience.


Here, we are also very ECO conscious.  We have been continuously striving to become more respectful towards our planet.  For example, our packaging uses far less plastic than before.  Even our website is smaller with less fluff and unnecessary space filling info, by keeping website smaller (several pages already removed), and keeping the pages concise, means less links to click on, less pages to navigate to, which in turn means less time and energy consumed when browsing our site.  We believe that EVERY small action taken like this, accumulates to a collective amount of good change.

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